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January 9, 2012

Larder on Goosegate restaurant & food photography – New website

Hello 2012!

Last year I did quite abit of work for the Larder on Goosegate restaurant in Nottingham. I’m glad to announce their new website – featuring all my photography has now launched – yaaay! Have a look here:

October 29, 2011

Food Photography: The Larder on Goosegate.

After photographing The Larder on Goosegate recently, they asked me back to photograph some dishes to add to their new upcoming website. They prepared some beautiful dishes – making it very hard to photograph and not eat! Their new website should be up and running in a few weeks time, so for now here’s a quick peek at a few of the photos from the day…

October 10, 2011

Restaurant Photography: The Larder on Goosegate, Nottingham

Last week I had great fun photographing a restaurant in Nottingham – ‘The Larder on Goosegate’. The restaurant is a gorgeous Grade II listed Victorian building that was once home to the small herbalist’s shop that became pharmaceutical giant Boots. The restaurant is filled with brilliant textures, colours and oozed character making it an absolute delight to photograph. I wanted to capture the buildings period features along with its effortless quirkiness and elegance – this meant climbing on ladders to get up high enough to incorporate the fantastic lighting fixtures too! I hope to be revisiting the restaurant very soon for a hearty meal but in the meantime, here is a small selection of the photographs taken by myself on the day, these and more will be displayed very soon on their website…watch this space!
Restaurant PhotographyRestaurant PhotographyRestaurant PhotographyRestaurant Photography

Restaurant Photography

Restaurant PhotographyRestaurant PhotographyRestaurant Photography

June 24, 2011

Canvas has arrived!

Just a quick update: The canvas for Kiren & Aj arrived today, very pleased with it. I had it printed with Point 101, first time I’ve ever used them – really great service, I’ll definitely be using them again. But from receiving this canvas I think it’s worth going for the upgraded ‘laminated’ canvas – I will next time! Wedding photography Canvas

June 19, 2011

Engagement Photos – Wollaton Hall, Nottingham with Kiren & AJ.

Engagement and Wedding PhotographyThis weekend I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Kiren & AJ for a canvas they wanted to display at their wedding in August. We decided to take the photos at Wollaton Park in Nottingham and make the most of the great weather we’d been having. However five minutes before I went to leave for Wollaton the rain came! Thankfully it was a passing shower and we had a decent amount of blue sky and sun for the rest of the day. Both Kiren & AJ were brilliant in front of the camera – which made my job even more enjoyable! I got some really great photos of them both, they chose the tree shot for their canvas, which after their wedding will be hung in their house.

Congrats Kiren & AJ and all the best for the wedding!
Here’s a few of my favourites from the day…..
Engagement and Wedding Photography

March 11, 2011

Photography Assistant..

Here it goes, a shameless plug on my blog for assisting work…

Photographers of the UK – I am looking for photography assisting work to gain more experience, contacts and build up my portfolio. If there are any photographers out there looking for a friendly, enthusiastic assistant with a great photographic eye, please get in touch. Even if it’s just for one day or even more regular work, from portaits to weddings to gigs – I’m willing! Please take a look at my website: so you can get a better idea of myself and my work. I’m based in Nottingham and willing to travel.


February 24, 2011

Book Shop Shoot

I stumbled across a book shop in Nottingham in my first year called Geoff Blore’s Bookshop, ran by father & son. Ever since I’ve wanted to go back and photograph it – at last I have! The shop is packed floor to ceiling with second hand books – some modern, some beautifully old with darkened pages and peeling covers. There is no real way I can describe this treasure trove of a shop, so I’ll stop trying and let the photo’s do the talking. Here is a small gallery of test shots taken on my D80. There is a real lack of light in the shop, apart from the orange glow of the tungsten bulbs, so these photos are by no means perfect or finished. I also shot two 120 films – on a Yashica and a Diana F+, I should get these films back in a few days. If I like the results I will be going back to perhaps re-shoot and make a real series from the shop.

November 26, 2010

Wedding Photography: Glynn & Carol – Nottingham

Last week I had the pleasure of shooting Glynn & Carol’s wedding in Ilkeston, Nottingham.  This wedding was particularly challenging due to the dark lighting condition indoors, but I’m glad to say they received their photos today and they are very satisfied customers. Here’s just a taster shot from the day…

Wedding photography by Clare - Nottingham

October 6, 2010

My Brand Spanking New Website is Here!

After long last, it’s here, I have launched my website! Hooooray! After many late nights spent resizing, saving and arranging, it’s done! Please take a look…… Let me know your thoughts and opinions, whether you love it or hate it, let me know!

July 28, 2010

Some waffle loosely related to freelance work..

I am trying to crack my way into the freelance world, man it’s hard. I have been doing free photography work since I graduated university in an attempt to build up a decent portfolio. In one year I have had 6 homes and 5 jobs, it’s been exhausting. Its hard to focus on getting my photography work going when the rest of my life seemed to be constantly changing, not many things have been consistent recently.  And now I’m missing my one consistent.

Mid August I have been given the chance to shoot a wedding in Nottingham, paid! This will be my first paid photography job, and I’m hoping that from this I found something I am really good at and it will take me to where I want to be. I have never been really talented at one thing, or even many things. So perhaps this will be it? I always imagine that at some point, something will click and things will fall into place and I can build a name and build myself into a brand.

I’ve seen what other people I graduated with have achieved and comparing myself to some of them I don’t feel I have done as well. That’s a habit of mine, comparing myself. Not just in photography, with most things, trying to see if how I can make myself a better person, from the things I know, to how I look. But I guess this can be a hindrance as well a positive.

So I am going forward now to make a name for myself as a photographer, wish me luck!

PS: If anyone has any work or opportunities, please contact me! 🙂

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