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January 13, 2011

Francesca Woodman: Exhibition

Next weekend is the close of the Francesca Woodman exhibition at the Victoria Miro Gallery, London. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to make it down to London to visit it, Woodman was one of my main influences all through university and seeing her work in the flesh would have really made my day. 

I discovered her work during my first year and it wasn’t until this time that I realised just how experimental, provocative and  releasing photography could be. For those of you who aren’t familiar with her work take a look here, she took a lot of self portraits using herself and her environment in unusual ways within the frame of the photo. Her work inspired my own self-portrait project, which I’ve taken a look back over here after re-discovering Woodman’s work. It’d be interesting to see how I’d work on this project again since graduating. I bought a remote control for my DSLR from Amazon, so this project would certainly be a lot easier now seeing as my self portrait project was shot entirely on 35mm film, involving a lot of props & running back and forth to the camera! (Click on images to enlarge)

August 18, 2010

Double Falsehood Theatre Production Photographs

Phew! Hopefully the end of a hectic few days. Here are a few sample shots of the work I did for the theatre production Double Falsehood, believed to be by Shakespeare. Earlier this year Arden Shakespeare published Double Falsehood for the first time, reawakening the debate over authorship that has raged for centuries. The play was put on by KDC theatre production at the Union Theatre, London. It’s been alot of hard work but I think I got some good shots……and now time to sleep.

August 17, 2010

A new friend…

 I photographed a wedding recently and I’m currently staying at my parents for a few days while working in London, shooting some production stills for a theatre group, so I will soon upload a small mountain of work, but until then here’s one picture, of me and Jake, my Dad’s new dog…..

June 24, 2010

Point & Shoot

Cameras are one of the most powerful and accessible tools we have today. There are even ‘indestructible’ cameras for children as young as three, if they can take photos, anyone can.

The biggest problem with having a camera is not using, or not using it properly. We have two extremes, those who capture every second of every day and plaster it on Facebook for the world to see instantly. Then we have those that keep their camera in its little camera bag, all nice, safe and snug in their bottom drawer. Which is worse?

Once we’ve managed to get the camera unplugged from the computer or out of that bottom drawer. How many of us take the camera off auto? The camera is powerful tool even on auto, so imagine what it can do when you are in control of it. Using a camera on auto is like driving a car in 1st gear all your life.

Auto tells the camera the best settings to use to capture the scene in front of the lens. That’s it. Everyone see’s the world differently and interprets what’s in front of them in their own individual way, so should your camera.

Learning how to use your camera needn’t be a daunting task that you put off. Turn that dial on your camera to the scary ‘m’ for manual and play with it. Change the other dials, even if you don’t know what they do, watch what happens and then change them again. Try taking photos lying on the floor, jump up and down on your bed, take a photo in pitch black with no flash and see what happens.

Of course when you actually understand what these settings mean and do, you can then unlock the potential of yourself and your camera.

Going on a photography course is an excellent way to get you up and running with your camera, without going back to school. Photography is hands-on in, creative and fun. Like everything in life, it’s what you make it. We make it a fantastic experience to learn with carefully chosen professional photographers who teach in a practical and interactive way, making you a skilled photographer. Your Facebook photos will never look so good.

Red Cloud Photography Days run courses from beginner to advanced to specialised days in London, Nottingham, Leeds, Bristol & Birmingham.

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