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October 6, 2010

My Brand Spanking New Website is Here!

After long last, it’s here, I have launched my website! Hooooray! After many late nights spent resizing, saving and arranging, it’s done! Please take a look…… Let me know your thoughts and opinions, whether you love it or hate it, let me know!

July 28, 2010

Some waffle loosely related to freelance work..

I am trying to crack my way into the freelance world, man it’s hard. I have been doing free photography work since I graduated university in an attempt to build up a decent portfolio. In one year I have had 6 homes and 5 jobs, it’s been exhausting. Its hard to focus on getting my photography work going when the rest of my life seemed to be constantly changing, not many things have been consistent recently.  And now I’m missing my one consistent.

Mid August I have been given the chance to shoot a wedding in Nottingham, paid! This will be my first paid photography job, and I’m hoping that from this I found something I am really good at and it will take me to where I want to be. I have never been really talented at one thing, or even many things. So perhaps this will be it? I always imagine that at some point, something will click and things will fall into place and I can build a name and build myself into a brand.

I’ve seen what other people I graduated with have achieved and comparing myself to some of them I don’t feel I have done as well. That’s a habit of mine, comparing myself. Not just in photography, with most things, trying to see if how I can make myself a better person, from the things I know, to how I look. But I guess this can be a hindrance as well a positive.

So I am going forward now to make a name for myself as a photographer, wish me luck!

PS: If anyone has any work or opportunities, please contact me! 🙂

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