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February 24, 2011

Book Shop Shoot

I stumbled across a book shop in Nottingham in my first year called Geoff Blore’s Bookshop, ran by father & son. Ever since I’ve wanted to go back and photograph it – at last I have! The shop is packed floor to ceiling with second hand books – some modern, some beautifully old with darkened pages and peeling covers. There is no real way I can describe this treasure trove of a shop, so I’ll stop trying and let the photo’s do the talking. Here is a small gallery of test shots taken on my D80. There is a real lack of light in the shop, apart from the orange glow of the tungsten bulbs, so these photos are by no means perfect or finished. I also shot two 120 films – on a Yashica and a Diana F+, I should get these films back in a few days. If I like the results I will be going back to perhaps re-shoot and make a real series from the shop.

January 31, 2011

First roll from Diana F+ camera

January 13, 2011

Francesca Woodman: Exhibition

Next weekend is the close of the Francesca Woodman exhibition at the Victoria Miro Gallery, London. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to make it down to London to visit it, Woodman was one of my main influences all through university and seeing her work in the flesh would have really made my day. 

I discovered her work during my first year and it wasn’t until this time that I realised just how experimental, provocative and  releasing photography could be. For those of you who aren’t familiar with her work take a look here, she took a lot of self portraits using herself and her environment in unusual ways within the frame of the photo. Her work inspired my own self-portrait project, which I’ve taken a look back over here after re-discovering Woodman’s work. It’d be interesting to see how I’d work on this project again since graduating. I bought a remote control for my DSLR from Amazon, so this project would certainly be a lot easier now seeing as my self portrait project was shot entirely on 35mm film, involving a lot of props & running back and forth to the camera! (Click on images to enlarge)

May 15, 2010

‘New’ Old camera.

Today I am trying out a new camera I have. But it’s an old camera….A new old camera. Its a Zenit 12xp. I had never heard of Zenit before I was given this one. So I’ve loaded in a black and white film I had knocking about and now let the  point and shoot experiment begin! I’m not sure I have even loaded the film correctly. But I love the good old mechanical sound of the film crank, its like eating chocolate for the ears. Fingers crossed for a decent set of photos, properly exposed…

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