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May 26, 2011

Nothing quite says ‘I Love You’ Like Scrabble.

For Christmas, I made my little sister a picture (of sorts) using scrabble tiles of our nicknames for one another. My sister, Emma being ‘Titch’ and myself being ‘Bear’. I really like the final piece, so I decided to branch out and create some more of these little scrabble pictures. To begin with I have just started with the phrase ‘I Love You’. Soon I will be adding more designs to the collection and hopefully someday, someone will like one enough to buy one. The pictures are handmade to order using original scrabble tiles sourced from various vintage stores. The message is  displayed inside your choice of black or white square box frame. (By the way – I LOVE box frames).

I’m also offering a personalised service as well, to make pieces with special messages on – like the one that started everything off. I’m really keen to know what other messages you might like to see – I already have a few in mind. Please peruse at leisure my online store, which for now is based at

February 13, 2011

Time to sell some work…

I have decided to sell my exhibition pieces from University.

These photos are available to buy direct from me (email or take a look at my shop here

Photography by Clare

‘Abandonment: RAF Newton’  is a collection of photographs made at RAF Newton, an abandoned air base 7 miles from Nottingham. The base was opened in 1940 and was used during World War II as a bomber base. The base was closed in 2000 and stood abandoned and slowly decaying for 10 years.

All around the RAF base remained parts of the lives that used to fill this place, The remains were left scattered around, some touched by other intruders others changed by nature, in the process of decay. Abandonment centres around the derelict interiors whilst looking at the beauty in decay of these spaces.
Like the RAF base itself did the work acts as a memory to what was and now the base has been torn down to make way for a by-pass. Now the photographs will remain as a record of this surreal, delicate and beautiful and temporary space.

These photos are available to buy direct from me (email or take a look at my shop here

Thanks for looking! 🙂

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