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October 15, 2012

I’ve moved!

Just so you all know I haven’t stopped taking photos – oh no! I’ve simply moved my blog along to my new website.

So hop over to: to see my new blog and new work. I would absolutely love to hear your comments & thoughts on my new work.

That’s all folks!


April 12, 2012

Today is a BIG day for me – after a lot of sleepless nights, thumping my fists against my desk and muttering expletives to myself – I have finally finished and launched my own website!

Please take a look at Here you can also see my new branding – done once again by the fabulous Lou Andrews. The decision re-brand allowed me to incorporate my wedding, engagements, portraits & food photography all under one label.

I’ll be adding new features to the website in the coming weeks – including: separate galleries, a blog page, packages and hopefully a client viewing area too.

In the mean time, view and enjoy!

September 23, 2011

Wedding Photo Book: Mary & Rick

Mary & Rick’s wedding photo book arrived this week……

August 23, 2011

Wedding Photography: Lloyd & Faye

This weekend I had the pleasure of  being the wedding photography assistant for a wedding in Stamford. The reception and evening party were held at the beautiful, rustic Haycock Hotel in nearby Wansford.

A favourite of mine from the day is this lucky shot I managed to snap of a young girl flying through the air.

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography by Clare

I started the day off photographing the Groom, Lloyd and Best Man, Ben getting ready for the day.
Suit – check. Kravat – check. Stripey socks – check!

wedding photography - grooms Photos
Wedding photography -  BridesmaidWedding Photography - Groom

July 24, 2011

A Sock Puppet?

More recently I have been faced the problem of what gifts to give friends & family for birthdays & all the other numerous occasions that seem to pop up in the year – Fathers day, Mothers Day, Valentines Day, Wedding Anniversaries, Christmas…the list seems endless. With a bank account like mine at the moment, these occasions come around far too often and all always greeted with slight despair as I try to figure what I can get to fit my budget and their tastes. My answer – make something. Some of you may find this harder to do than others and will inevitably end up presenting a loved one with a home-made sock-puppet. (not a bad present I may add if done properly & new socks are used!). I believe my self made presents have been gratefully received, either that or family and friends have turned into damn good liars in the past year! I think I’ll only be able to get away with this for a year though – there’s a limit to how many pictures people are happy to receive!

The Final piece

I made an illustration of Brighton for an upcoming birthday in the family, here you can see my starting point and the end result. I should mention this actual scene never existed, it is purely fictional. I found a photo of the band stand in Brighton and started to draw adding bits each time I came back to it and this is the final result.

The original illustration.

I started my home made presents at Christmas 2010 – you may remember the scrabble tile picture I made for my sister. Here’s another picture I made for my friend Rachel, an avid traveller who is never in the UK for more than 6 months at a time, I made the map hearts from all the places she’s been and loved in the last few years. Personally this is my favourite picture so far.

And so there you have it, my home made pictures, until I run out of ideas and then I’m onto the homemade sock puppets.

home made map picture

Rachel's Christmas Present - a map for each of her most loved places.

May 12, 2011

My 11 Day Break.

I had 11 days off over Easter….bliss!  I managed to get a lot of eating, photographing, bouncing (on the trampoline) and sunbathing in. I shot exclusively on my Diana – 4 rolls of film. Unfortunately I found out it’s even harder  than ever now to get 120 film in camera shops. A couple of years ago most camera stores could usually find a couple of dusty rolls hidden in the back for you. (Once they’d looked up what you actually meant by ‘120 roll film’ of course) Now? nothing at all! After a long hunt, I managed to obtain some  film and here are some of my favourite results from the Easter holidays. 

March 11, 2011

Photography Assistant..

Here it goes, a shameless plug on my blog for assisting work…

Photographers of the UK – I am looking for photography assisting work to gain more experience, contacts and build up my portfolio. If there are any photographers out there looking for a friendly, enthusiastic assistant with a great photographic eye, please get in touch. Even if it’s just for one day or even more regular work, from portaits to weddings to gigs – I’m willing! Please take a look at my website: so you can get a better idea of myself and my work. I’m based in Nottingham and willing to travel.


February 13, 2011

Time to sell some work…

I have decided to sell my exhibition pieces from University.

These photos are available to buy direct from me (email or take a look at my shop here

Photography by Clare

‘Abandonment: RAF Newton’  is a collection of photographs made at RAF Newton, an abandoned air base 7 miles from Nottingham. The base was opened in 1940 and was used during World War II as a bomber base. The base was closed in 2000 and stood abandoned and slowly decaying for 10 years.

All around the RAF base remained parts of the lives that used to fill this place, The remains were left scattered around, some touched by other intruders others changed by nature, in the process of decay. Abandonment centres around the derelict interiors whilst looking at the beauty in decay of these spaces.
Like the RAF base itself did the work acts as a memory to what was and now the base has been torn down to make way for a by-pass. Now the photographs will remain as a record of this surreal, delicate and beautiful and temporary space.

These photos are available to buy direct from me (email or take a look at my shop here

Thanks for looking! 🙂

February 11, 2011

Diana Poster By Clare Richards (aka – me)

Due to my lovely friend Rachel Sammon and I loving our little Diana F+ cameras so much I created this poster for her birthday. I made the orignal drawing by hand in biro, scanned it to my computer, duplicated it in Photoshop and filled it with colour – et voila!Photography by Clare

January 19, 2011

Oh my, What a camera collection!

I knew my camera collection grown, but I didn’t just how much. I currently own 11 camera’s, 10 of which are shown here, the 11th is the Nikon D80 which I photographed the collection with. I’ve been lucky to have been given some of them, others I have bought from antique markets or on ebay………

…….I’ve sat here for half an hour now and I still can’t pick my favourite, the Yashica Mat 124G (middle back) is definitely up there, an old faithful. The Bolsey 35 (front, third from the left) unfortunately doesn’t work, but is one I bought purely only aesthetic value. Alot of my personal and experimental photography work is done on film as I love the quality and the tactile feeling of having actually made something you can hold. But my D80 is my baby and its the camera I spend most of my time with, I think I’ve spent more time with this camera than I have some of my closest friends, (sorry to those of them that are reading this!) So there you have it, my beautiful collection…may it continue to grow & prosper.

[Left to Right. Back row: Diana F+, Polaroid Colour Swinger, Yashica Mat+ 124, Popular Brownie, Nikon F80. Front row: Fisheye 2, Kodak Instamatic 50, Bolsey 35 Model B, Zenit 12XP, Kodak Tele 1]

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