Book Shop Shoot

I stumbled across a book shop in Nottingham in my first year called Geoff Blore’s Bookshop, ran by father & son. Ever since I’ve wanted to go back and photograph it – at last I have! The shop is packed floor to ceiling with second hand books – some modern, some beautifully old with darkened pages and peeling covers. There is no real way I can describe this treasure trove of a shop, so I’ll stop trying and let the photo’s do the talking. Here is a small gallery of test shots taken on my D80. There is a real lack of light in the shop, apart from the orange glow of the tungsten bulbs, so these photos are by no means perfect or finished. I also shot two 120 films – on a Yashica and a Diana F+, I should get these films back in a few days. If I like the results I will be going back to perhaps re-shoot and make a real series from the shop.


2 Responses to “Book Shop Shoot”

  1. Looks like my kind of place!


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