Oh my, What a camera collection!

I knew my camera collection grown, but I didn’t just how much. I currently own 11 camera’s, 10 of which are shown here, the 11th is the Nikon D80 which I photographed the collection with. I’ve been lucky to have been given some of them, others I have bought from antique markets or on ebay………

…….I’ve sat here for half an hour now and I still can’t pick my favourite, the Yashica Mat 124G (middle back) is definitely up there, an old faithful. The Bolsey 35 (front, third from the left) unfortunately doesn’t work, but is one I bought purely only aesthetic value. Alot of my personal and experimental photography work is done on film as I love the quality and the tactile feeling of having actually made something you can hold. But my D80 is my baby and its the camera I spend most of my time with, I think I’ve spent more time with this camera than I have some of my closest friends, (sorry to those of them that are reading this!) So there you have it, my beautiful collection…may it continue to grow & prosper.

[Left to Right. Back row: Diana F+, Polaroid Colour Swinger, Yashica Mat+ 124, Popular Brownie, Nikon F80. Front row: Fisheye 2, Kodak Instamatic 50, Bolsey 35 Model B, Zenit 12XP, Kodak Tele 1]


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