State of The Art Lounge Studio.

Tripod? check!  Camera? check, check, check!  Desk lamp? Check!  Dead Flower? Check!

My home made studio to photograph a Sunflower I acquired in Lincolnshire, which didn’t involve any trespassing or tearing down any crops to get it at all… definitely not.

So it was time to put the poor old sunflower to good use after being hacked down, stolen and dried to a crisp. I got out my: DSLR, Yashica Medium Format & my new fisheye lomo camera. Results to follow soon …..I can tell you’re on tenterhooks.



3 Comments to “State of The Art Lounge Studio.”

  1. Bearez….
    Im glad to here your puting your ‘fisheye thingy’ to gd use!! lol got another prezzie 4 u!! hvnt seen u in ages!! 😥 luv u ❤ xxx

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