Sunny Days

The Blind Side….. amazing film, go see it, if you’ve seen, go see it again. Sandra Bullock totally deserves that Oscar! I came out wanting to do good in the world, so I took some photos, I’m not  sure they count as doing good, maybe one day something will come from them! I uploaded a batch of new work onto flickr: most of the photos are not recent but I have only just edited them. Here’s a photo I took the other sunny day of my friend Kathryn in the park…how quaint! I got the old Yashica 124G TLR out, I let Kathryn have ago on it, she took 5 pictures of the same tree and then asked how she could delete them? Oh Kathryn this camera’s from 1970….


2 Comments to “Sunny Days”

  1. How is the week, work and job hunting malarky going Miss CR? xxx

    • Hello Miss Bambi! The week is going well. I have new employment and have been to le gym everyday, proactive me. Hows things with you? I haven’t seen you in ages! xxxx

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